Mrs. Margo Brown

Mrs. Leah Beauchesne

30 years ago I never expected such a clear vision would unfold about my chosen vocation of “preschool teacher”. My goals at the time were teach part time and be able to include our own preschool-aged children in the program. From those starting years, I have grown to appreciate the awesome role preschool plays in a child’s life. I know how important it is to teach and treat children with respect, empower them with self confidence and let them know they are appreciated for their unique gifts. I have the same long-term dreams for your child as you might have. They are the same I have for my own 5 children and 9 grandchildren. All the crafts, toys, and activities we do at preschool serve one purpose. Preschool is sort of like a good 20-20-20 fertilizer that helps your child blossom!”

Mrs. Brown will be teaching the Monday/Wednesday AM Class in 2018-2019.

My involvement with Lakewood Preschool began 10 years ago when my own daughters, Alex and Camryn, attended the program.  My initial connection to the school was as a parent volunteer and I was immediately hooked.  I was eager to be involved in any way I could and later that evolved into the role of substitute teacher.  I have spent the last several years employed with the Regina Catholic School system as an Instructional Assistant but have maintained a relationship with Lakewood Preschool throughout.  While I enjoyed my time working within the school system, becoming a preschool teacher has always been my passion.    My intention is to always provide a very positive and encouraging school experience for both my students and their families.  I am blessed and thankful for the opportunity to spend my time with such wonderful children.  

Mrs. Beauchesne will be teaching the Tuesday/Thursday AM & Tuesday/Thursday PM Classes in 2018-2019.

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