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For over 30 years, Lakewood Preschool has been consistently chosen by well over 1000 northwest area Regina families. One of the best ways to find out about Lakewood Preschool is to speak with a family whose child has already attended. Most families choosing Lakewood Preschool learn about us through these types of shared experiences.
Lakewood Preschool has a strong preschool program delivered by teachers truly immersed in what it takes to offer a motivating and enriching experience for children. To learn more about this program, we recommend that you review our Preschool Handbook and information surrounding the important role played by Parent/Family Volunteers.
Lakewood Preschool is located in the Lakewood subdivision in northwest Regina, operating out of the 100% preschool dedicated walkout level of our home, backing onto the surrounding Lakewood lake and park. We maintain over 1500 square feet of permanent preschool program space for the sole purpose of creating a delightfully pleasing and motivating atmosphere for preschool aged children.