About Lakewood Preschool

There are many ways to learn about Lakewood Preschool. One of the best ways is to talk with one of our current or previous families! Another excellent way is to browse through our website.

General information about Lakewood Preschool is found on these pages:

  • OUR PRESCHOOL - a brief introduction to Lakewood Preschool.
  • OUR PROGRAM - a brief overview of the Lakewood Preschool program.
  • OUR TEACHERS - an introduction of our teachers, Mrs. Margo Brown & Mrs. Leah Beauchesne.
If you are interested in more in-depth information about Lakewood Preschool, visit the Parent Pages, find us (and “Like Us”) on Facebook or enjoy exploring the rest of our website.

Thanks for your interest in Lakewood Preschool!