Lakewood Preschool Handbook

This handbook is an excellent resource for parents - bringing together a range of things that parents need to know in order to make their preschool experience positive for their child and themselves.

Please read through the entire handbook collection of TABS below as they will address many of the questions you may have throughout the school year. Families returning to Lakewood Preschool are respectfully requested to re-read the handbook in order to refresh their memory and ensure that anything new is brought to their general awareness.

My apologies in advance if the handbook pages seem to be “bossy” or “over-bearing” - as this is surely not intended. Some families in the past have said to me, “the handbook scared me to death...but after getting to know you, you’re not that bad!”. Truly, I am just an easy going person who understands preschool children and program needs, wanting the year to go well. I have been doing this for so long, I know all the rough spots and how to avoid them!

Thank you for taking time to read over these parent volunteer guidelines (click on each TAB below to open or close that section) prior to your first helper day and again in review for follow up volunteer helper days.

Mrs. Brown/Mrs. Beauchesne
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Coming Soon: Check back in the next few weeks for PDF version of the Parent Handbook to be made available through this website.

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