Parent Volunteers

One of the requirements for registering in Lakewood Preschool is that you, a family member, or a close friend is able to act as a volunteer helper on approximately 4 or 5 occasions throughout the school year. This type of direct involvement in the preschool program has many significant advantages for you and your child. Please take time to review all of the tabs below relating to your role as a volunteer parent helper before your first volunteer experience and review them as needed. The job of parent volunteer is one of the most important roles you will play in your child’s preschool year. If past reflections are any indication, this experience should prove to be informative, positive and rewarding - even though you might go away from the day saying, “I don’t know how she does it!”. Understanding the sections covered within the following TABS are key to making your parent volunteer experience work.

Thank you for taking time to read over these parent volunteer guidelines (click on each TAB below to open or close that section) prior to your first helper day and again in review for follow up volunteer helper days.

Mrs. Brown/Mrs. Beauchesne

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Coming Soon: Check back in the next few weeks for PDF version of the Parent Volunteer Guide to be made available through this website.