What is Preschool All About…

As an important stepping stone to Kindergarten, preschool addresses readiness as a whole body package! Muscles moving, brains ticking, senses tingling, decisions being made, and socializing with peers and adults. At Lakewood Preschool we know that structure, routine, play and LOVE are the gifts your child needs.

Classes are Now Full for 2019-2020

Our Open House occurred on September 4th and 5th and now we are ready to get our new school year underway. For families interested in preschool for next year (2020-2021), we will be posting more information on our website in December 2019.

Take a Look at Lakewood Preschool

We update our preschool website a few times each year….in the meantime, here is a quick look at Lakewood Preschool for you to enjoy!
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Meet the Teachers

Mrs. Margo Brown and Mrs. Leah Beauchesne make up the creative teaching team at Lakewood Preschool. For more information about Margo and Leah visit our About Us page.

Lakewood Preschool Online…

In addition to our website, Lakewood Preschool has links to Facebook, Vimeo, and Pinterest (see icon links on this page).