What is Preschool All About…

As an important stepping stone to Kindergarten, preschool addresses readiness as a whole body package! Muscles moving, brains ticking, senses tingling, decisions being made, and socializing with peers and adults. At Lakewood Preschool we know that structure, routine, play and LOVE are the gifts your child needs.

2020-2021 Registration Update

While our morning classes for 2020-2021 are full, we still have spaces available in the Tuesday/Thursday PM class. If you are interested in the Tuesday/Thursday PM class or wish to be placed on our waiting list for the other classes, please go to our Registration Page and submit a Registration Request. For more information on Lakewood Preschool, enjoy exploring our website or visit us on Facebook.

Our Strong Home & School Connection

At Lakewood Preschool, we believe in creating opportunities to build strong home & school connections. This is facilitated through our Family Volunteer Assistant approach, Franklin the Turtle, activities that travel between home and school, and a Collectables Scrapbook that goes home near the end of the preschool year.

General Questions About Lakewood Preschool

Look to our "Frequently Asked Questions" on our website pages for more information about those questions that are most often asked about Lakewood Preschool.

For More Information on Lakewood Preschool…

Visit our Program Information pages for in-depth information about Lakewood Preschool. If any of the information found in our website leaves you with further questions, please contact us at lwps@sasktel.net.

Take a Look at Lakewood Preschool

Here are a few quick picks from Lakewood Preschool for you to enjoy! We also invite you to take a look at our annual "Collectors Edition" Scrapbooks that will walk you through a year of selected preschool activities.

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All in Stitches...

Let them grow...let them grow...let them grow!

"Pudding" it Down on Paper!

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